Thursday, January 21, 2010

Urban Outfitters wishes....

So this was my sorta take on an Urban Outfitters photo I saw once in their catalog.

My room of wonders, welcome to my little world I create in.

These boots were such a find!! My Grams found them for me at GoodWill and graciously bought them for me lol. They're by a brand called Code West.

These came out so good I was very happy! So the top I just got at a thrift store, my mom wasnt to stoked on it but I saw something in it lol. Im sooo glad I snagged it. I spend so much time at home I really cant wait to go out and wear this!

Top: vintage, thrifted
Vest: Forever21, all the buttons are mine
Tights: Black sheer, Forever21
Shoes: Black leather studded amazing vintage, Code West

Shorts: Forever21

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