Sunday, January 24, 2010

Claude Debussy

His song Clair de Lune has been playing in my mind all day. I forgot I had downloaded an album which had it on there lol. Ive been listing some of the movies Ive heard it in recently too. Seems to be a very popular song, though it should be its simply beautiful and can cover a rage of feelings. I have been on the hunt to find this on vinyl. I recently found a Debussy vinyl but saddly didnt have this one song on it. The records though was so good and so pretty. It's been nice having it as background music. My record player seems to be on the fritz whenever Im in the living room alone I try to sneak in some record listening time. Im so behind though. Ihave a stack I need to listen to. Well anyways, lol, thanks for listening haha xoxo

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