Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tattoos as accessories?

I have been going through fashion blog after fashion blog and so many of the girls look the same, to a point. They all look so pretty, but I havent yet come across someone similar to myself. Then I started to notice a lot of these lovely ladies...well they dont have a lot of tattoo, or a lot of visible ones. I have about 25 tattoos, and some very pretty pieces on my chest especially.

Typically when I wear tops or anything, I never really want to wear a necklace unless Im wearing something that covers my chest. I always feel like its conflicting and takes away from the necklace which your focus should be on. So then the question arised.... are tattoos an accessory? Ive had a problem when I get dressed for a while now, that I always feel like I have to show those off or have a few showing. I mean I spent the time, money and sat through all the pain I should show them off lol. Im trying to not worry so much about my tattoos when I get dressed now, its a work in progress thats for sure.

So I guess bring on the tattoos and fancy outfits! lol

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