Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking Lovely!

So! This week Ive made it a point to wear cute shit to work everyday and Ive done a pretty good job. Tuesday I wore this lovely satin rose print skirt w/ pockets! A sweet waist cincher and a basic v neck black shirt!

Wednesday! I decided to wear my bright blue mexican embrodery dress that I cut shorter, which my waist cincher yet again lol AND! my amazing red cowboy boots I got from sunshine for $10! Way cute!

Today I just kinda wore short and a cute leopard halter bc my hair was amazing! And I was leaving early to go to the tattoo expo in orlando so I wanted to look fresh when I got there to see tyler! Im getting my tomahawk! SO be on the look out for some native amazingness coming this way!
~ * .: LovelyLeigh :. * ~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


SO!!! Today FEST7 has opened up, tickets are on sale and hotels have opened their rooms up to the punx! SO in honor of my excitement for FEST7! Here are a few items Id like to have, and wear! I told myself I was gonna look cute this week and wear some stuff I havent in awhile, switch it up a bit, but for now heres some band tees and some tight pants!

So I forgot my camera at work today I took a picture of my lovely outfit! So tomorrow I will post that up and whatever I wear tomorrow!
More to come! Get excited!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to the basics

So aside from all the awesome shit I wear, the cool threads I find out thrifting or from work, I love basics. I like the simplisity of a plain tshirt and jeans. I have a ton of basic shirts I love them so much, it give me a reason to wear accessories, maybe a vest, or a cool necklace. Sometimes with my tattoos I feel like I already have enough accessories perminatly there, so throwing a necklace on would be to much.
Anyways, heres some basics. I like to get mine from Forever21, bc they're comfy, cheap and easy!

And while snooping around, I came across an amazing pair of shoes, ON SALE! So I bought the amazing studed platforms, but for only 10.99

~ * .: LovelyLeigh :. * ~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The begining of something amazing!

Hi! Welcome all! So this is going to be the begining of my fashion blog. Basically, Im a huge thrifter and have found some amazing finds and basically want to showcase it all. Its kind of like inventorying or catologing everything I get at Revolve or out thrifting or just something amazing! A huge thank you goes out to my co-woker Ashley! So! Let the fashions begin!

~ * .: LovelyLeigh :. * ~