Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Treasure Hunting Outfit

Hey everyone! Im finally feeling normal and good again after my dad's passing. My mom and I went thrifting today, or as I like to call it treasure hunting. My mom had just bought me this really pretty scarf and I really wanted to wear it, so I planned an outfit around it. I felt really good about my choice in outfit today.




Florida's weather is really gay right now, I wish it would just stop being cold and windy. I wore these kick ass tights instead of pants, they seemed to have kept my legs way warmer. I have really been slacking, Ill be playing catch up with posts these next few days. I have been really busy, which is always a good thing for me. I have lots going on and lots of cool things coming up! Ill be going to Boston March 15th-20th. I'll hopefully be in Orlando for a few days hanging with my best friend Tyler next week. I have lots more shopping to do before I go!!!

Sunglasses: Vintage, Revolve Clothing
Scarf: Vintage, gifted by my mom found at our secret place
Top: JC Pennys, grams bought for me
Belt: Vintage high waisted belt, Revolve Clothing
Tights: Buffalo Exchange in New Orleans
Shoes: Vintage brown leather ankle boots, thrifted.
Jacket: Vintage childrens blazer, Ashley gave to me! I wear it a lot.

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