Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paintings Ive done since I got back

Since I got back from Boston Ive been so inspired, I saw so much great art. Seeing as how the guy I was dating decided to break up with me while I was Boston....I didnt have any plans this week, so Ive just been painting up a storm! Ive been letting it all out on canvas and a lot of songs have been inspiring me lately. I feel like I get better with each painting!

I re-painted this for myself, but prints are available and for sale

Billy Bragg inspiration


Again all art is for sale! Im making prints this week, so if anyone ever sees anything they like just email me (ima.bamf@yahoo.com or lyleig813@gmail.com) and we can work something out, I do trades and none of my stuff is expensive. Thanks! XOXO

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Couture said...

These paintings are amazing!
Sad to hear your boyfriend dumped you! Big hug!