Monday, June 7, 2010

In the world of Lovely Leigh

Hey everyone!!! I wanted to take a few minutes to share some amazing news with everyone! I received an email today letting me know I am going to be featured on for the fashion finds posts! It wont be for another few weeks, but I could not be happier! I am so proud of myself and my blog and how far its all come!

On top of that! I received another email from Mode Republic inviting me to join their site and enter into 2 contests that they have going on at the moment! I was soooo flattered and honored to have been invited to join up. You can check out my profile here! LovelyLeighs Mode Republic profile.

Things have been a little up and down for me the last few days, but as my lovely best friend Kaitlin said today, it isnt always going to be like this. So I continue to push through and keep positive. Ive started to do yoga at The Lotus Pond and I feel so great. I cant wait to get my yoga instructor certification with my Aunt Dee! Ive started painting again, I took a little break from it when I started working, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. I think Ive finally got a nice balance of things going on, with work and all my side projects. Things in the studio have been really good as well!

So I leave you with some yoga poses! Everyone stay positive and always, stay lovely! Xoxo!

A lovely tree


Namaste everyone


Danielle said...

Congrats on! That's awesome. Sorry to hear things have been up and down lately, but try to focus on the positive

pixie said...

This all sounds lovely! Congrats :-)

LovelyLeigh said...

Thank you ladies soooo much!! It was very exciting news to receive! Xo!