Friday, June 25, 2010


If you didnt know Floor was top favorite band, you must not read this lol. I was invited to a show they were having in Winter Haven on June 19th. Now thats like an hour away from where I live but totally worth driving out there. I had asked my friend Jarrod if he wanted to come but unfortunately work had gotten in the way. Kaitlin knew a friend that was also going so she said we were going! I was so excited!!!!! Ah yes! It was a great night, I got a shirt too, a real one! not the bootleg one I have haha.

So tiny girls shouldnt be in metal show pits lol, I got stepped on really bad by some 6 foot 2 guy, ugh it was awful. I finally made my way up front and slipped in beer, haha it was all in good fun for the show, which was amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Steve for telling my about it!!



Stay tuned lovely readers! XO!

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