Friday, June 25, 2010

3 ice cubes please.

Yesterday my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the mall and yeh I kinda wanted to go to Forever21 and get some basics. So I decided to wear my new Paris Blue jean shorts I just found at goodwill the day before. I also just found the scarf and my mom was gonna get it but I snagged it from her!

Thats my $3 Coach bag! I love it I use for it everyday casual outfits!



So Ive been on the hunt for a straw hat for the summer and Ive tried on a few and they just dont look right on me, so Im sticking to my fedora, it looks great always.



I bought so much stuff this week ugh it is going to take me awhile to get it up but dont lose faith! I will get to it! haha thank you all for following me still and for leaving me such lovely comments!

I have my tattoo appointment with Dan Fagan July 6th, to get my panther filled in. I have to start getting things ready for the art show and put out a flyer soon! Ive got TONS of new vintage to add to my Etsy account! Be looking for that! I got my Netflix back and its amazing, I just watched Where the Wild Things Are, great movie. I added a new little owl to my collection :-) and got a new liter mug for parties. Everyone what have you been up too?!?!! haha, I feel like Ive been missing out on so much cool stuff going on. Well today is Friday, everyone have a great one! Have a fun weekend too!!! Xoxo my lovely readers!


Couture said...

Nice outfit! Love the shorts!

Andrea B. said...

Love your style & of course, your blog, following!

LovelyLeigh said...

ladies thank you both so much for my comments!!! All of them! And Andrea! Thank you so much for being my new follower! Stay lovely ladies! Xo!