Thursday, June 3, 2010

Canon Power!

Omg! SO! I used to be a band photographer and I had a really nice Canon Rebel XTi. One day I went to go use it and it was gone, I honestly thought someone had stolen it, I had a lot of stuff stolen when I lived at the house on 14th St. It turns out, I left it here on accident and Bob has had it the whole time.... lets say over a year now. What a relief to know I didnt have to buy a new one! He let me use my camera today and the quality is just so much nicer.

I finally cut these shorts to the length that I wanted! Its getting hot here in Florida, shorts are a must!





Ugh! I have missed my camera soooooo much! I really do feel so much better about blogging now that I have something super nice to take pictures with. My goals of a successful blog are looking way brighter!

And again, Im very proud of myself for blogging on my day off instead of wasting it away doing nothing haha. When I wasnt working I always felt so bad if I didnt do something, but now, naaaa. I work really hard when Im at work so its ok to do nothing now lol. Yes, I justify things to myself sometimes too haha. I hope everyone's week is going by ok! Tomorrow's Friday finally! Take care everyone! XO!

Shorts: Vintage Ralph Lauren, from Goodwill ($4)
Top: Tank from Forever21 ($3)
Shoes: Ross! ($6)
Scarf: Thrifted, my mom found for me
Sunglasses: Revolve Clothing


Pierrot le Fou said...

gorgeous pics!i'm so jealous of people with nice cameras-my best one is actually my dads :/

and love this look, the scarf is my favourite

LovelyLeigh said...

Aw!! thank you sooo much!!! That scarf needs to be worn more, I love the orange in it. I used to be jealous of other bloggers with their way fancy cameras when I was just using a sony cybershot point and shoot pos. And for the fact that I knew I had a nice camera at one point. Its so nice to have it again! The pictures will be way better from here on out! Xo!

harajukuloveee said...

oh, i soo love your blog!your style is amazing and all of your tattoos, i just love them,i wish i had the guts do som,like that!
gotta new follower!

LovelyLeigh said...

Ah!!! YAY!! A new follower!! thank you ever so much for checking out my blog and for following! Im gonna follow you too!!! Thanks, I love all my tattoos, they are my number 1 accessory! Xo!!!

Couture said...

Beautiful shorts!