Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New tattoo

Hey everyone! Lots going on! In my last post I had mentioned that I got a new tattoo. I finally finished off my chest for now with spider webs. Not that any of you can see but I have roses tattooed on the sides of my boobs. I wanted to finish them off and when I went to my friend Lucky, he ended up drawing up my chest to my collar bone and made what was suppose to be a small tattoo, into something amazing.

Tattoo by Lucky Matthews, at Fat Rams Pumpkin Tattoos in Jamaica Plain (Boston) MA.

He did an amazing job, as he always does. He has now done my entire chest and torso.


Oh this one hurt for a bit. He knocked it out in one hour and 40 minutes. Works quickly. It is a great new addition to my collection.

Do you have any tattoos??? Get one!



Eloise In NY said...

Breathtaking! I just love it!! I just finished half my chest piece, im going for the full for sure :)

LovelyLeigh said...

Thats so awesome!!! Thanks for leavin a comment!! Let me know if you post it up, I love tattoos.


Anonymous said...

that spiderweb/ the whole chest piece is amazing and unique! i love it!
i have my ribs tattooed with song lyrics. i am hoping to get a traditional looking anchor on the other side of my ribs as a reward for myself once i kick a few habits. lol.

Terri said...

Your work is amazing. I have a small purple bat on my back, on the upper right, and a trail of blue stars on my left leg. If I weren't in school working towards teacher certification, I'd be covered.
Jamey Proctor of Dragon's Lair Tattoo did mine. Sadly, he recently closed but he's now with Shogun up in Salem, NH.