Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Window Display

Hey everyone! Hope all has been well with everyone. Ive just been busy as usual with work and hanging out. Same stuff, just going non-stop. Things at work are well again. This Sunday, I re-did the window displays for St. Patrick's Day! It was some what of a challenge because we only had so many green and white outfits that would fit the mannequins. There are 7 mannequins to be dressed. It took a long time, I pretty much had to wait till close to finish them.

Here are the results!
Dress: Forever 21, Small, $15. Belt: $15. Flower Pin: Vintage $8. Other pin: Vintage $6

Dress: Trio, Size 6, $25. Necklace: $8

Skirt: Jigsaw, Size 10, $19. Shirt: Rubber Ducky, Medium, $5. Necklace: $14

The outfit on the left: Top: Lacoste, Small, $29. Skirt: Kenneth Cole, Size 2, $49. Necklace: Vintage, $13.
The outfit on the right:Top: Versace Jeans Couture, Medium, $49. Skirt: Tracy Evans, Small, $19. Necklace: $6.

Top: DKNY, Medium, $29. Scarf: $9. Necklace: $9

The outfit on the left: Dress: Vintage, Small, $25. Cardigan: Mossimo, Medium, $9. Necklace: $15.
The outfit on the right: Dress: Nanette Lepore, Size 10, $119. Cardigan: Mossimo, Large, $9. Necklace: Vintage, $14

I think they came out great! If you're in the Boston area, stop by!

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Liz said...

how fun! i would love to be able to dress mannequins! i wish i lived in boston so i could shop there!