Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey everyone! I dont know where you are, but Im back home in Florida visiting! The weather has been really nice, though I wish it was warmer. I had my mom pick me up from the airport so I got to see her first! The first thing we did, was go thrifting!!!! It is sooo cheap and awesome down here. We went to one of my favorite places called Sunshine Thrift. I got some cute scores! Then we went and had lunch and continued to her house. Grams made dinner and margaritas. It was nice to see my family and hang out.


Thursday me mum and I went to our favorite place, the secret place. Tho I didnt find any sweet purses, I scored the coolest dress! Thursday I also went to my old house where all my stuff was and packed it all up. I only took with me what I could fit/squeeze into 2 suitcases... which are extremely heavy lol. It was really hard choosing what to bring back with me, what was most important. I grabbed as many of my owls as I could, got my FLOOR box set back, and was very selective as to what vintage got to come back with me. It was hard but I got it done and now I can really move forward.

Friday I got to see Mary for a bit. She went out of her way to bring us food and snacks and even a case of PBR hahaha, for the beach house this weekend. Thank you just isnt enough, shes a really great lady. The beach has been awesome, Ive missed it.... but Ive totally forgotten how to relax and sit for an hour and do nothing haha. I miss the city. I miss Jamaica Plain. But all that aside, Ive been enjoying everything. So its Sunday and Im spending my last day on the beach, and its just beautiful outside.

Family photo! (Awkward family photos calling)
Me, my mom, Garrett, Kay, Grams.

I hope everyone of you has been doing good! Enjoy! Xoxo!!

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Mascara or Motoroil said...

What a bunch of cuties! Wish I was in Florida thrifting.....