Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gettin Fancy

Hey everyone! Its been awhile. I have just been busy with the usual. Work, social life, hanging out, getting a new awesome tattoo. Works been good, we're finally clearing out all our winter stuff and are accepting spring consignment. Thats been really fun going through all these awesome spring clothes. Its been nice getting to really experience seasons up here, but Im over winter now. Its to long! Today is my day off and Ive just been catching up with things, working on the blog. I finally have blog buttons for everyone to copy! Took forever to figure it out but had some help from James last night, and I worked on it this morning. Also, like the new header? I do! Time to move forward from winter and snow. So I couldnt pick out just one outfit today. Nothing was really inspiring me. I decided to clean my room and as I was going through things, I re-found a few awesome long gowns I have gotten since I moved to Boston.

So today I decided to play dress up and show off 3 dresses, all of which I got at this place called Boomerangs, which is right down the street from my house. So they have this one rack, where they moved certain items that have been there for awhile, and make it $1. Yes thats right, $1. So these 3 dresses, were all ONE DOLLAR! What a steal.


So this dress, amazing right! SO vintage! The only thing is, is theres a stain on the front. Im either going to cut it and make it shorter, or add some kind of embellishment to it.



The only thing wrong with this dress was the velvet was starting to fade a little, no big deal.



And my personal favorite. Nothing like a stunning black gown.

...and on those cold winter nights, you can snuggle up to me anytime handsome.


So for the other two dresses I wore heels, but this dress was long enough to the floor I didnt have to, seeing as how I stand on my tippy toes all the time. I just thought this was cute.


Im loving my hair and how fast its growing out. I pinned it up today and it looked so pretty. I always have fun when I play dress up. I really dont know where on earth Ill wear these dresses but I own them, because the are beautiful and needed a great loving home. Im a sucker for gowns and glamor. Things have been really good though. James and I have been kickin it for a month now, which is just nice considering all the goofy first dates I went on when I first moved to Boston. We made dinner last night, it was delish! Katie, our new roommate, is turning out to be a great fit. I just adore her. Shes a great new addition to the house. Can anyone else believe how fast February is flying by??? The month is almost over, and Ill be in Florida in 2 weeks!!! I cant wait to go home and visit. No big plans for the weekend, just hanging out at home and kickin it. We've all really gotten into playing bridge at home so Ill probably work on my cards skills later. I hope everyone else is doing well and getting ready for spring! Xoxo my lovely readers!



Mascara or Motoroil said...

Holy shit girl, that black gown is STUNNING on you!!! Amazing find!


Meekay said...

Love Love Love the green dress with the belt! Absolute lush!!!!

Monica said...

This green dress looks lovely with your hair color. I love the fabric too! Great finds. Following you now, follow me back? said...

Great finds! My personal favorite is the velvet, but they all look stunning on you. I could completely see the green dress chopped a bit shorter and puffed up with white and gold petticoats.

Nicolle Saylor said...

hi... nice blog, I love it!


LovelyLeigh said...

-Jessy! I love getting comments from you!
-Meekay! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and leaving a comment!! That dress was to awesome to pass up.
-Monica, I love this color green especially with my dark hair and pale skin haha. It really makes my tattoos pop. Im totally gonna follow you! thanks for being my 70th follower!!!
-Holly! I adore you. I think I will cut the dress and holy shit rock some white and gold petticoats!
-Nicolle, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

Im so glad you all liked this post! You all are so sweet to comment!

Thanks ladies!
Lovely Leigh

flannelandfolk said...

awesome dresses! that first green one is the shit! i am so ready for spring too. winter in minnesota lasts forever. i don't know how i survive year after year.

Helga! said...

You are a gorgeous looking lass,and those frocks are divine!

LovelyLeigh said...

Helga! Thank you sooo much!!! You're to kind. Your comment was so sassy. Thanks for keep reading and checkin things out!


Elba Sáez said...

me gusta tu blog, las fotos son muy bonitas!!