Monday, May 10, 2010

My first beach day of the summer!

Ive been really busy lately, but Ive got to have some pretty awesome days! I went to the beach with my new friend Kaitlin who is so great! She introduced me to several lovely ladies who I had a really fun beach day! The first of few haha. I try to get tattooed a lot during the summer so I have a reason not to go to the beach and its a lot easier to not have to wear jeans or long sleeves and have a fresh tattoo...soooo uncomfortable. I have about 30 tattoos and its a lot to cover with sun screen but I still got a bit sun burnt, boo. Anyways! The swim suit is actually a "new" item lol. I got it at good will recently and its like 90's. Still had the tag on it, never worn. I was pretty excited about it.


This is my gal pal Kaitlin!

My new friend Angela, we both had poka dots!




It was a great beach day all in all! The sun burn wasn't to bad so totally worth it. I really want to acquire a vintage swim cap with all the little bright flowers all over it for the next beach day. I love living in Florida and especially in Tampa for it being like 40 minutes away from some beaches. Hope everyone is doing great!!!! xoxoxo!


Couture said...

Beautiful bikini!!

Froso said...

Wow you ladies seem to have had an amazing time! I love all those pictures, but most of all I love that gun tattoo, you rock! I am following now, I would be more than happy if you like my blog and follow me back!

Kisses, Froso from Style Nirvana

LovelyLeigh said...

Ladies thank you so much for your comments and for continuing to check the blog out!!! xoxo