Friday, May 21, 2010

Kaitlin's Birthday weekend!!!

At midnight it was my best friend Kaitlin's birthday!!!! In honor of this awesome occasion! we went out to the Castle last night and had a ball!! It was just me and her, and I hope she had a good time, because I had so much fun.

I took my Pisschrist shirt and made it into a new crop top lol, since thats awesomely coming back! I cut my shirt before we headed out, threw on my cadet hat and put a PBR pin on it. All in all, it was a good outfit put together in 5 minutes and we both looked ballin!


I have been soooo happy all week! Im so glad I got to kick off her birthday in style. We have an epic weekend ahead of us! Tonight! We're going to see The Wailers (Bob Marley's band) we're going with my Aunt Dee and staying the night at her place....I think Im a little more excited to see my baby girl Betty (my cat lol). Tomorrow, I have to come home and sleep all day because I have work 5-10, then me and Eric are shooting over to St Pete for Kaitlins hotel party! Sunday is going to be chill, because its been a long week, and its gonna be a long weekend haha. I couldnt be happier and just thrilled with life at the moment.


Since I started work I havent had much time to blog and take pictures. My work attire is jeans and my Winners shirt...nothing fancy there, although, Ive been wearing bows in my hair lol. Ive been getting home around 11/11:30 all week. As soon as I ease into things Ill get back into posting more! XOXO everyone, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!
* And if you see this Josh, we all miss you!*

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