Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day and Night

Hey everyone!!! I hope everyone's week has been good! Mine has been really fulfilling. I got a bunch of goodies thrifting and shopping with my mom, we found a Christian Dior suit at goodwill for $6, um and its soooo pretty! I am happy to say things have been picking up for me lately, Ive been hanging out with friends and meeting awesome new people! Yesterday I decided to dress a little nicer than I had been in the week, typically you can catch me in shorts and a band t-shirt. Also, I had to wear something that didnt bother my new tattoo, because it comes all the way up to my hip. We went to Brandon Mall, and needless to say I dont go to malls anymore, but it was entertaining.

The purse! New! Bought it this week at our secret place! Its leather vintage COACH! (it was $3!! my mom found it, I cant take credit for it)

Heres my mom!!! I thought she looked pretty in that top. Notice how we look sooo much alike haha!

Like mother

Like Daughter

Photobucket Panther, hes my new buddy!

SO! The top! New! My grams bought it for my sister and I really liked it.... I was gonna steal it from her anyways, but she tried it on and it did nothing for her! So I got it anyways and it looks sooo cute on me! Grams bought it at Macy's. So to the day and night reference! I wore that top during the day and around 5pm I got asked out on a date!!! This gentleman Josh who I had meet at the beach lol, asked me out for drinks! I really didnt want to change because the shorts I was wearing are such a pain to get on and off and especially with a fresh tattoo on my thy. Well I remembered I bought a new black skirt at Macys (it was $4!) and a belt from our secret place. I changed and took a day outfit and made it night time ready!!! I was so proud of myself.




My date was great! It seriously was the best first date Ive been on. He was such a gentleman and so sweet and I just cant wipe the smile off my face. I see all these lovely ladies blogs that I follow and they have such cool boyfriends, sometimes it makes me feel a little bummed out, but never the less, when its suppose to happen it will! From day to night, I made this outfit work!

I have lots of new stuff to post, all kinds of great outfits I bought and something new to sell on my Etsy Store. I usually dont like to type to much because I personally dont like reading a bunch lol, but sometimes its needed. To those of you who are following me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Keep checkin things out ladies! xoxo! And I hope everyone has a great Friday tomorrow!

Top: New, Macys ($4)
Shorts: Forever21 like 2 years ago
Purse: Vintage Coach, thrifted ($3)
Shoes: DSW, my mom bought them for me, she has the same pair in blue! we were both wearing our shoes!
Necklace: Dillards, Grams bought for me.

Top: New, Macys ($4)
Skirt: New, Macys ($4)
Belt: Vintage, thrifted at out secret place ($1)
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Dillards


Robyn said...

Panther! He is turning out amazing. Also, give your mother a high five from me the next time you see her. A vintage coach purse for 3 dollars? Well done moms.

Couture said...

Nice outfit!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know you misspelled thigh haha :)

LovelyLeigh said...

I suck at spelling, its not one of my strong points lol. I do stupid stuff like that all the time, thanks for letting me know!!

myownlittleuniverse said...

wowzers! you look stunning in these photos!
small world...i'm live in tampa too :)