Thursday, May 27, 2010

DIY Sunglasses!

Hey everyone! So today I DIY these sunglasses that Ive had forever. As if I need another pair of black shades, I decided to revamp them, Gaga style. I probably spent a good 45 minutes trying to decide what to put on them, I have all these jewel things my mom let me have and a hot glue gun and pretty much went to town! It was super easy! I do suggest you test out a few things before you start gluing though!

So these are the sunglasses


And heres all the gems I pretty much dumped all over my bed.

Heres the funny, thing, I didnt use any of those!!! hahaha, I had to pick them all up and put them back into the bag. I ended up liking the clear ones more.

The final result!

I think that came out pretty bad ass I must say! I cant wait to rock my sunglasses at night.

Take it easy everyone! XO!


Lauren Kroeger said...

nice choice on the clear.. looks great!

Couture said...

Looks good!;-)

LovelyLeigh said...

Lauren! Thank you ladies so much!!! xo!

myownlittleuniverse said...

aww thank you girl...sweet comment!

omg, i had a corey hart moment a couple days ago...haha!

tampa bloggers------>unite!!! :]