Thursday, February 3, 2011

Stop your messin around.

Hey everyone! Staying warm? I am. Its been a doozy of a week weather wise. Since Tuesday, Ive had so much time off from work. Its been nice, but money wise it sucks. Ive been getting a lot done! No ones home during the day so I usually take that time and do fun dress up stuff for my blog. So Im in love with The Specials. I have a Specials tattoo, I could listen to them every day. Ive been rocking these sweet suspenders lately and I bought this nice simple white button down. Ive literally been wearing this ska-tastic outfit for days.

Stop your messin around!

Messin around in the bathroom, now you see why I have to do this stuff when no ones home haha.



I can balance on one butt cheek. I almost fell a couple of times lol.

So those were all so much fun to take! I had a blast goofin around and balancing on our awesome tub. Although these were fun, I took a few shots in the hall way. Ive probably worn this outfit 3 times in the last 8 days. Its so "This is England" circa 1986. I love that old english style, classic, simple but bold.




Being snowed in the last 3 days has been fun. Ive got to hang out with my new flame. James has been a great new addition to my life, the house and our inner circle of people we hang with. The other day I painted a huge mural on my bedroom wall (pictures soon!) Weve been hanging out in my room the last few nights to and thats been fun. Ive really been enjoying my time with Tegan and becoming best friends with her. Been working on some new side projects. Went and did some modeling the other weekend (post coming up!) and that was so awesome. Natalia was such a great photographer and I feel like Ive made a new friend in her. Goodness Ive been feeling so much better lately. Less stressed out! Happier! Wearing lots of red lipstick and easing off facebook. Things really have been picking up for the better and I hope it continues! Tis the month for love! I love YOU ALL!!! Thank you for continuing to read up and follow my lovely readers. I hope everything is going just as well for you! Xoxo!

A message to you Rudy by The Specials

Outfit details

Top: White button down, Vince, Bought at Second Time Around; Harvard Square
Jeans: Forever21 bought at Second Time Around; 324 Newbury
Socks: Grey, from Wal-Mart
Shoes: Black patten oxfords, Steve Madden, bought at Ross
Suspenders: Goodwill, Tampa, FL


Liz said...

i love that outfit! it's given me some ideas of my own outfits to try. i love the rolled up jeans and boots but i'm always worried i'll look like a skinhead lol. that's exciting about the man! best of luck with that relationship!!

Kalyn said...

Awesome outfit, I love suspenders on girls. They are the best accessory. You should check out, they have more suspenders then I know what to do with. said...

I am just catching up on blog reading for the past month, and I don't mean to go through and comment on every single post, but each one has been striking. I'm always a fan of bathroom photos.

LovelyLeigh said...

Ladies thank you all so much!! Liz dont worry about lookin like a skinhead, they are actually really awesome people, before the nazi skinheads turned it into a nasty thing. I love rollin up my jeans just a bit. James is so great, thanks!

Kalyn, thanks for the suggestion! I love suspenders, its very "This is England" 1982. I love skinny ones the most.

Holly!!! Thank you for leaving me so many comments today!!!! You are so awesome lady. You always make me feel super awesome, thanks for everything, xoxo!
Ladies take it easy.