Friday, July 23, 2010

Gone to hang out.

I have been having so much fun hanging out at Nick and Sara's house, they live really close to me. For some reason I want to wear jeans at night, but also want to show off my tattoos. Its a vicious cycle lol. So before I went to hang out the other night, I dont know why I decided to take these, but they came out cool. I like a cool casual look, simple is bold.



I think I was excited that I bought a case of PBR bottles and was using my studded koosie lol



Now it might not be very fashionable, but I sure do party more when I feel comfy in my jeans and band shirts. So my grams, she gave me a laptop, and I couldnt be happier. I always say Id get more done if I had a laptop again and look at me go! Ive got so many blog posts out today, I think Im for reals 100% all caught up on everything. That makes me feel soooo good. I always feel shitty when I dont get my posts out in a timely matter. My friend Eric said I wouldnt get a lot done, but so far Im proving him wrong haha, but we shall see. I put all my movies and tv shows I downloaded on here..... watch Ill be watching Trailer Park Boys all day since I have every season on my computer. Ive been on a liquid diet of PBR as well lately... thank goodness I get good food for cheap at work, because there isnt anything to ear at out house. Just a lot of beer in the fridge haha. Well everyone, I am all caught up now and have work tonight. Im going to hang out with my friend Eric today and do some burning and tomorrow will be an epic filled day with my love Kaitlin. I love you all!!! XOxo!


myownlittleuniverse said...

i'm addicted to jeans too. i try to switch it up! can't really go wrong with a band tee and jeans tho...

Andrea B. said...

I loved the first photo, & i'm also addicted to jeans & casual style.

Couture said...

Lovely shoes!

LovelyLeigh said...

Ladies, thank you so much for you lovely comments! I know its not the most fashionable outfit, you all get that lol. Thanks for keeping the positive things coming! xoxo