Saturday, July 3, 2010

Creeping around the pond

The weather here in Tampa, FL has been rain, rain, and more rain. The nice thing is it isnt so hot out so its actually ok to go outside and take pictures and not sweat my ass off. I took advantage of todays cloudy weather and decided to creep around the pond again.

Along the way, I noticed my neighbor had this outside their screened in pool.
....Im thinking it might be mine in a few days.....who knows.

I must say I had a little inspiration from Julie of Orchid Grey. I see her a lot in nice button downs, she has such a classic style and I decided to finally put together an outfit with this pale blue button down I bought a few weeks ago.



As I continued around the pond...I noticed another neighbor had this greatness on their fence!

In ture Florida rain weather, yes it started to rain when I was on the other side of the pond away from my house.


Trying to get cover in the rain!

Dancing in the rain!

As I was walking home in the rain...

I saw all the baby ducks hanging out!
I love all the baby ducks!

I had so much fun last night! I ended up going out with Sara and Amanda from work. It was ladies night and we all looked so fly! The only thing is I didnt get home till 4:30am haha and didnt get to bed till 5am-ish. I had such a a hard time getting up for yoga this morning, I almost didnt make it! I love my Saturday morning yoga class and Im so proud Ive been going every weekend. I have so much going on the next week so I wanted to get as much blogging done as possible!! I hope everyone is having a good weekend! And enjoy the 4th tomorrow! Xoxo!


Jeans: Urban Outfitters
Top: Button down, found at my secret tag.
Shoes: DSW
Bow Head Band: Urban Outfitters


Couture said...

I like the headband a lot!

Bon Vivant Clique said...

such a simple but cool outfit

Orchid Grey said...

you look so cute! glad I could inspire, I love a classic button-down!

LovelyLeigh said...

Thank you all so much for my lovely comments! Julie! That so awesome you happened to see this! Thank you for leaving me a comment! Xo everyone!

katie eighty said...

I love Florida rain! When I went, what I loved was how it flashes really heavy and then 20 minutes later you would never have known it had ever rained!
Cute outfit, by the way! :D