Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tattoo Wednesday!

This weeks tattoo is a personal little favorite of mine. There are two kinds of ladies, bag hags and shoe whores. I LOVE shoes! Always have. My shoe obsession all started years ago when my Grams went on vacation and sent me a post card of the Ruby Slippers. For some reason, I thought that meant she had bought them for me. Mind you I was 5 at the time. So when she got back, I was expecting to have THE Ruby Slippers. Sadly I didnt get them, but later that week, my mom ended up making me a pair! I made her do that for years. Ever since that post card, I can always remember loving shoes. I honestly cant remember anymore what made me decide to get them as a tattoo, but I love them!

This tattoo was done sometime last year, by Krystal Ralph at KnuckleDown Tattoos in Clearwater, FL. (She currently works at Ybor City Tattoo Company in Tampa, FL)

We later added the Tin Man's heart and the cyclone with Dorthy's house. We were suppose to add a few more things, but then I moved to Boston. I have a couple of tattoos by Krystal, and they are all my cool colorful ones.

Tell me about your tattoos!

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Jo said...

The Dorothy shoes look wonderful! <3 I love the sparkles!

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