Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tattoo Wednesday!

Im so happy to be on top of things and have a new post out for Tattoo Wednesday! Last week, while Ronnie was away, I got a steak and cake tattoo. Here's the scoop. A few weeks ago, my roommate Ben caught my eating steak 4 times in one week and Id typically had a piece of cake after. He called me steak and cake one night, and it stuck from there. He told Simon, who told everyone at the Behan, which Ronnie (Adam) heard and now everyone calls me Steak and Cake. Because its so silly, Adam dared me to get it as a tattoo, and he'd pay for it. This is now my second tattoo Ronnie has paid for. That's what Kimmie likes!

Lucky was the only man to do it! I must have over 15 tattoos by him alone. I even got a custom steak color! Where I put the tattoo is also a big deal. Ronnie had to pick out everything, where it was going to go, who was going to do it, what the tattoo should look like. It had to go in my most visible spot... which left was my right forearm. I finally went past my invisible line.

Steak & Cake.
Tattoo by Lucky Mathews at Fat Rams Pumkpin Tattoo in Jamaica Plain, MA.

I dont know what number this tattoo is, but Im pretty sure I have more than Adam!

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Sandra Valerie said...

steak cake! haha love the tatts but 4 times a week?