Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The denim blues

Howdy-do! Goodness its been really cold lately. It finally reached -5 Sunday night. With another snow storm tomorrow, winter is still here to stay. Im so looking forward to spring. Well one day last week I was going through all the sites I look at, weather its blogs, or whatever. I saw an outfit post somewhere with a denim top and a black skirt. I love my denim button down. Ive become a big fan of throwing blacks, blues and browns together. It had just snowed the day before and whats becoming my new favorite spot was still covered with tons of snow. Before I went to work, I popped outside really quick for a little outfit post.





Again, I am obsessed with over the knee socks!!! I love them sooo much. Ill be a little sad when I cant wear them anymore.

Well things at work have been good! Got the store all set for the big 50% off sale!! (You should go!) I finally have my two days off. So its Tuesday night, its become my Friday night. Im broke as sin too... Sadly lol. Im just hanging out at home with my roommates drinking some wine and watching TV. Honestly, I wouldnt want to spend my night any other way. I finally ordered this awesome book on numerology today. It was .99cents! The shipping cost more haha. I love blogging on my days off. Hopefully Ill be able to get outside before the snow gets bad and take some lovely outfit photos, I already have the outfit in mind as well. Sunday I went and saw my favorite TV show live! I went and saw the Trailer Park Boys live!!! I even got to go on stage and meet them, it was soooooo awesome!! Well I hope everyone else is doing good and staying warm!

Xoxo my lovely readers!!

Shirt: Denim button down, Goodwill; Davis Square
Skirt: Actually a dress!!! A Forever21 dress I got at Second Time Around; Harvard Square
Tights: Forever 21
Over the knee socks: T J Max
Jacket: H&M bought from Second Time Around; 219 Newbury St.


Anonymous said...

did you get the book off amazon?! i love figuring out numerology stuff. my dad got me into it lol! i love socks like those too! i got some for christmas with buttons on them. i always forget to wear them though!

myownlittleuniverse said...

very cute...i love those tights so muchh!

Terri said...

I was at that Trailer Park Boys show!! They are so damn funny.