Friday, January 21, 2011

Cooking in style

Ive really been getting into cooking big meals for myself lately, stuff that I can just eat off all week so I dont have to cook. The meals I cook usually take a little over an hour to make, with stuff in the oven and veggies on the stove. Its so much better for me too, instead of making chicken nuggets and french fries lol. Well my awesome roommate Tegan got me this sweet apron for Christmas, and Ive been wearing it a lot when I cook now. She gave it to me and said, " now even you can cook in style". I love that Tegan is so into my fashion tastes and such. I couldnt thank her enough for such an awesome gift (she also got me this coloring book from etsy, so choice) so this is another big THANK YOU to her!





For dinner, I decided to make one of my favorite meals. I made pasta alfredo, with chicken and mixed veggies. I made sooooo much of it too, Ill be eating it all weekend, which means when I get home from work at night, Ill have a good meal to warm up. Bob used to make this for me all the time and again Id eat it all week haha. I can be a creature of habit sometimes.


(No meal is complete with out a cold PBR)

Sorry Ive been lacking in posts. Ive been off the radar a lot lately. Ive given up Facebook for awhile....and Im really proud of myself, I havent been in or put anything up in a week! Ive also been turning my phone off then I get home. This weather has literally put me into hibernation mode. Ive become a huge home body and really dont want to leave my house for anything. Ive been having my friends come over here and hang out. I am in dire need of spring time. Till then, I can still look stylish, even when I cook. Same old stuff been going on, lots of work and improving myself. Doing yoga when I can and trying to stay positive in this depressing weather. Im surviving my first Boston winter so far, but I see its going to be -5 degrees Sunday.... oh boy. Im also going to see my favorite people live! Im going to see the Trailer Park Boys live Sunday. Ive been catching up on my movies too. I finally saw The Social Network, and BLACK SWAN! I finally watched it.... it was awesome. Im currently downloading The Kings Speech and Tegan and I plan to watch The Kids are Alright soon.

I hope everyone else has been doing good and staying warm and positive!! Once spring hits, Ill have lots to blog about because there are so many beautiful place in Jamaica Plain to hang around. With that, everyone stay lovely!!! I heart you all! Xoxo.



Helga! said...

Love the apron,love the kitchen,love the look of that dinner!

Virginie Lavallée Bélanger said...

Staying inside and cooking is a great way to stay warm! You look dashing and those pasta yummy!

Good job on challenging yourself with FB, it's definitely important to find a good balance when it comes to social networking :)

Have a great week-end!

Anonymous said...

what an awesome apron! i'm a new reader and i just adore your blog! it's the perfect mix of fashion, tattoos, and awesome stuff!

LovelyLeigh said...

Ladies I wanted to take a minute and thank you all, so much for leaving such awesome comments!

As I had mentioned I had stop going on Facebook and usually, after I post I put it up there. I was curious to see if anyone would see a new post and you three ladies really made my day.

Dinner was delicious, and I had tons of it left which was awesome. I always wonder if people read what I write because I never really know what to say hahah. (Which is funny now because I have a lot to say)

Liz! Thank you for taking an interest in my blog! I really do try to have a good mix of things, Im glad it comes across.
Ladies I wish you the best in everything! I promise to have lots of fun stuff this year!


myownlittleuniverse said...

cute apron! your apartment looks pretty cute as well. good to see you are having a good time out there!

Feathers said...

That apron is really cute! I have one that's kinda vintage, it's my mom's and I think she got in in her twenties. Some of the antique stores in my hometown sell aprons made out of vintage fabric and lace...I've been eying them for awhile, but I don't know if I could cook in one. They're way too pretty!


kimmyscribbler said...

um... how did i not know about this apron sooner? am i bad listener? a lazy internetter?

probably both.