Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lunch Date part 2

This post if more focused on the outfit. I think between me and my mom we took like 30 pictures and I didnt want to post so many in one thing. Heres just a few great shots in the new dress!





This picture came out so great! You can see all 3 sides of my sleeve tattoo. I dont have any good pictures of it and this shows it off perfectly!

This Jaguar was outside the restaurant when we left, couldnt pass it up lol.

All in all I had a really good day and look at me go! Ive got two new posts for today! Im not slacking at all. Ill be home tomorrow finally!!!!! Ill have lots of stuff to post from shopping this week!

Dress: Ross!
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes
Shades: Revolve Clothing Exchange


Lovely said...
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Couture said...

Beautiful dress!