Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tattoo Wednesday!

This is the first regular post I am going to start doing! I get asked a lot about my tattoos and Ive kinda always wanted to keep track of each one. I used to know how many hours I had put in, about how much money I spent, now Ive reached the point where Im just working on filling the rest of the space up lol. I have over 35 tattoos, and at the rate I get them I figured I probably wont run out for awhile.

So here we go! My very first tattoo! I got my first tattoo a month after I turned 18, I couldnt wait any longer. Got tattooed in September of 2006, by Scott Fischer at then Electric Blue Tattoo (now know as Imperial Iron). I decided to get angel wings, why I really cant even remember lol. I thought though, I can hide those, they're pretty and I wont hate having that when Im old. My at the time boyfriend/best friend Tyler went with me, I didnt cry either. This is actually the first picture I had taken of my tattoo because I didnt want my mom to find out.

Its so weird to see myself without tattoos, they've become such a part of me. I still have my wings lol, but Im going to eventually cover them up because Im getting a full Japanese back piece. When I got my first tattoo I had no idea how involved I was going to get in the tattoo community. Thanks to people like Jarrod and Lucky I found myself and very close friends because of tattoos. 35 some odd tattoos later lol, over a 4 year period.

In other news! Its September! I have a trip to Boston coming up soon, I leave in 12 days. I did a mega clean up in my room, I actually have floor space now! Space, to do yoga! I have been loving yoga so much lately I found a really great instructor. Shes helped me reach a new level in my training and now Im even doing 20 minutes before I go to bed. Here is a new pose I was taught, and Ive been practicing on getting it just right.

I have a photo shoot Im doing the make-up for and styling a little bit. Im so excited to be working with Heather, a great photographer. Also to be doing make-up again! Nothing but good things, Ive been staying in the positive and really staying to myself a lot lately. I feel like everyone else is so stressed out, and with good reasons, but Im trying to avoid such things and just focus on getting my styling things together and getting ready for Boston! I hope everyone has a good month! Xoxo!


Lina said...

And today? What thinks your Mum about the Inks?

LovelyLeigh said...

Haha my mom hates them, and that I have so many. Every time I get a new one I get a ton of shit from her lol. AH it happens I guess. Thanks for the comment btw!!!