Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tattoo Wednesday!

I almost forgot its Tattoo Wednesday today! Ive been busy working a lot getting money saved for Boston, Im leaving in 5 days! Today Im sharing the story behind my 2ed tattoo, the gun and garter. I get so many compliments on it, its defiantly a top five favorite of mine. At the time, I wasnt no longer living at home and my friend Jarrod had introduced me to Lucky Mathews. I couldnt have had a better artist do this tattoo it was perfect. It was a good first tattoo to get by a very good artist and Lucky has since become a very close friend of mine. This tattoo means a lot to me.

This is one of the first pictures I had taken of it.

My best friend Teresa and I had talked about getting this tattoo, and it just stuck with me all through high school and when I told Jarrod about it he thought it was a bad ass tattoo idea and then suggested I get his friend Lucky to do it. If she ever decided to get it tattooed on her it was her idea too lol, but I like having it and really not seeing to many tattoos like this. I sat for 2, 2 hour sessions. Lucky did the outline first, then I went back and get it shaded. I remember too my appointment was February 13th.

If you have any tattoos tell me about your favorite!
I hope everyone's holiday weekend was lovely. Xoxo!

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Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

Love your tattoos! My next one is going to be on the thigh in that same area as well.