Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh how I love skinhead girls.

Haha, today I was thinking about a very good/close friend of mine Lucky. He's done a lot of my tattoos actually. Well I know he's going through a lot right now and Ive just been keeping him in my thoughts and such. I had my hair cut the other day, havent made a big deal about it because I usually like my hair more 2 weeks after. I was an inch away from shaving the side of my head and being a skinhead girl for a little bit lol. Lucky loves them skinhead girls, those girls from the 80's who were in the UK rocking out to The Specials and such. I have always loved that point in time and I wanted to pay my homage to the late skinhead girls and have a laugh with Lucky.





Accessories details!
Shades: Vintage, Revolve Clothing.
PBR Ring: DIY I made with a 40 oz top and some hot glue.
Cross ring: Forever 21, I always wear it
Rose Ring: Forever 21
Septum jewelry: Thanks to Krystal at Knuckle Down Tattoos
Lip Stick: Retro Red from NYC. it is the best red Ive found.


I wear sunglasses a lot when I take pictures outside and I forget you cant see my makeup, I have been doing it a lot lighter and different lately since I cut my hair differently. Ive missed having "Bettie Page" bangs, its nice to have them again. This is the shortest Ive ever had my hair but I really like it. I feel like Im maturing nicely.



I hope everyone else is doing good. Ive had the last 3 days off and its been so nice, but now Im ready to get back to work and make some money for Boston! I got a lot I needed to get done over the last few days, even caught up on my sleep a bit, tho it seems like Im always tried. I have put painting aside for the moment but thats how I usually go. Ill paint a lot then not for a few. Im very proud I got two blog posts out today, this should hold things for a bit because I work everyday till Monday. Take care! Xoxo. PS. Im loving September already.

Shorts: Forever 21
Shirt: Community Thrift
Shoes: Community Thrift, vintage
Knee highs: Urban Outfitters, on sale!


Anonymous said...

Yeay September is the best month. Actually is your blog one of my favorite, just wanna say. And the "skinhead" haircut is really cool

LovelyLeigh said...

Aw Lina!!! No way! Thats so awesome, I sweat I went through so many pages on your blog, you are one of my new favorites I must say!!! I wish we were best friends lol, I loved your shaved hair cut! Xo!

MissAlyssa said...

i almost shaved my head a long while ago... i still wish i had. these days a shaved head wouldnt mesh well with the work scene! those shorts are adorable.

Couture said...

Love your sunnies!

Kara said...

Awesome new 'do! If you do decide to try the skinhead look you could totally rock it! Plus, love how you paired suspenders with these shorts- pretty darn cute! :)


Kerri @ OldLadyChic said...

Just started following you via weardrobe. I love that pbr ring, what a great idea.

myownlittleuniverse said...

i have a tattoo by lucky too! i'm sad he's not here anymore :(

Unknown said...

Such a cute look gal! I too am contemplating a bump from my classic punk garb back to my skinhead roots but really don't want to rock a full chelsea and still wanna look like a gal! your photos helped me to see what I can do to keep it feminine but still sharp and a bit militant! please, contact me if possible I'd love to talk fashion and connect up!

Leonardo Cordova said...

Eres hermosa me encantas saludos FROM chile