Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The day needed some yellow.

I just got these amazing little high waist shorts from Sunshine Thrift yesterday. It has not been sunny outside at all today...but I kinda like it. Ive been real low key lately and mellow because Im just so ready to go on vacation. Well I just love black and yellow together, and you'll have to forgive me for using my knee highs again but Im in love with them. Ive been kind of "testing" outfits for Boston. Thinking of ways to wear shorts during the day and tights and stuff at night. I love this outfit, it will be a must for Boston.




I have had these shiny oxfords by Steve Madden for awhile now and have never worn them...and Im so mad I havent! They seriously need to be broken in. I got them at Ross, on sale for $12. They are amazing, and are going to be a big hit for me in the coming months.


I am really loving my new hair cut and just keep getting such nice compliments about it. I was talking to my friend Heather about how much a hair cut can change so much and make you feel so much better. Its like the first step in the change process lol. Since I didnt want to wear a necklace I remembered I have a ton of earrings to choose from! I forget a lot of simple things like that I re-pierced my second ear piercing and I can wear earrings again haha. Im such a goof sometimes.
Oh and the reason Im wearing sunglasses is because I didnt feel like putting makeup on, as you can tell its not that bright outside lol.

Things have been good, I have so many great things coming up. Ill be modeling a lot more and styling photo shoots. I am constantly finding more things to add to my closet. I went thrifting with my mom yesterday we had a great day. I got 3 pairs of shorts at Sunshine Thirft, some awesome vintage slips, a vest with giraffes! I didnt have time to look for nick nacks or tea cups, but Im glad I got clothes for my trip. I am modeling Saturday, before I leave, and Im just working everyday till Monday. Ill try to post something before I leave, but I think Im going to bring my laptop so I can talk about things in Boston. Everyone have a great week, Friday is almost here! Stay lovely! xoxo!

Make it work!

Earrings: bag of 20 vintage 80's earrings I got at Community thrift for $1.35
Shades: Revolve clothing
Top: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Shorts: Vintage, Sunshine Thrift ($2.35)
Knee highs: Urban Outfitters on sale $5
Shoes: Steve Madden from Ross on sale $12


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

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What do you say?

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LovelyLeigh said...

Trishna thank you so much for taking such an interest in my blog, Im so glad you like it! You are more than welcome to email me anytime at and Im totally a new follower of your blog, it is adorable!

I love bouncing new ideas off people and hearing what you think is in and out! Xo!

Nav said...

Loving those yellow shorts, can't believe how cheap they were! Great Find!

Great blog by the way, now following it!