Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tattoo Wednesday!

Today Im going to share with you my David Bruehl tattoo. I completely consider myself a collector of tattoos. I look for artist I want to get tattooed by and try to get a sweet tattoo by them. When I heard David was going to be coming to Tampa and tattooing at Redletter1 in Ybor, I jumped on the chance to get something by him. I have been a big admirer of his work, his color is really awesome. His paintings are always sharp looking. David was kind enough to fit me in and he was a really cool guy too! Very chill, very comfortable to get tattooed by, funny, and did a damn good tattoo on me.

At the time he came, I hadn't thought about the next tattoo I wanted and I was getting tattooed by him fairly quickly. I decided on a rose, because I really liked a lot of the flowers I had seen him do. I love the sharp contrast of black and yellow, so I got a sweet black and yellow rose.

*Photo taken by David Bruehl*

I am very happy with my tattoo, David again did a great job. He is now part of my collection of tattoo artist Ive wanted to get tattooed by.

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