Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The secret community garden

So there are two community gardens down my street, and as you all saw I got to go in one... but the other one has always been locked! Well, I was just going to hop the fence, but it was unlocked to my surprise! The lighting was lovely, I had the perfect dress, it was photo time!

You can see my newest tattoo, all healed up!



This garden was way bigger and so much better than the other one. It was well worth the wait to get in and sneak some outfit photos. Didnt I tell you I had the perfect dress? My friend Ashley gave it to me a few years ago, and Ive held on to it for awhile and brought it to Boston with me when I went back for a visit. It shows off my back piece which I hardly ever get to do.




I had a great time taking these photo. Playing with my dress, smelling the flowers, there were even raspberries! I didnt pick any thought, because that is rude, not cool. It was a very humid day so the wind on my back felt really good. I went down to Newbury street in the dress to pick up my necklace from Tiffanys. I had them clean it, no charge! With a forest green color like my dress, brown accents are nice, so I chose to wear my brown leather Coach bag. Ive also been into layering necklaces (length wise) Mary sent me the long sliver chain, that I paired with my rose quartz heart necklace my Aunt Dee bought for me.

I have been working like crazy lately, and been charming boys left and right apparently. I went out on a date for the first time in months with a very charming gentleman Monday night, and it was ever so lovely. After my last attempt to date someone, he was a breath of fresh air. Things went so well we're having dinner again tonight. Im cooking! What shall I wear?!?!!?

Alright my lovely readers, I hope you are staying cool in this heat! Take care everyone! Xoxo!


Outfit details:
Dress: Giving to me from Ashley Dunn.
Purse: Vintage Coach, thrifted at our secret place
Shoes: Mom bought for me at Ross


Helga! said...

The frock is hot!
Great pix,I envy you your lovely weather.

holleigh said...

You look like a garden goddess! Next time you're on Newbury stop by the salon and say hi to Gregor, and let's plan a play date soon!!

Eloise In NY said...

I just love the green :) The photos are lovely! You look beautiful