Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Community Garden.

A few days ago Simon and I went on a little trip to the pond. As lovely as it was, the lighting wasnt very choice there so outfit photos were probably not gonna happen, though I looked very cute. I had just cut my bangs back into pin up style. Well, on out way home, the community garden was open! I have been dieing to pop in and look at everything. It was well worth the wait. There were so many flowers! As well as all kinds of fruits and vegetables.




So I was going for this 1960's french pin up look. The striped shirt, is the first striped shirt Ive worn in years. I like tiny stripes, it made my shirt look almost grey-ish. Topped off with a bright red bandanna.


I even brought Chanel out.

It was a successful and stylish trip. I love black and white with bright, bold red accents. Well! I got a new tattoo today! Adding yet another artist to my lovely collection. I had my knee tattooed a bit and let me tell you it didnt feel awesome. Im glad its over. Looks amazing thought. Its only Tuesday and the week is already looking up. My friend Ed-E is in town from Florida! So I will be seeing him for the next 2 weeks! Take it easy my lovely readers! Xoxoxo!


steve said...

Garden looks so beautiful and all of these pictures are really beautiful. I really like all of these.
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Helga! said...

That look works beautifully for you!:)

Dial V for Vintage said...

Lovely outfit! :)

LovelyLeigh said...

Thank you all sooooo much for taking a look and leaving a comment! It means so much to me!