Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Kimmie Collection; Part 1.

Kimmie and Ronnie are the best stereotypical New England couple. When I heard about them, I died laughing and could not get enough of it. Well, Kimmie and Ronnie have just consumed me. My friends have been calling me Kimmie a lot. So I have decided to start the "Kimmie" collection. These will all be outfits that Kimmie would wear. I didnt want to give Kimmie her own blog, because we all know Ronnie aint takin her outfit photos. (Kimmie talks in third person a lot)

Kimmie decided she wanted to look super cute for Ronnie. This little number is something Kelly Bundy wouldve wore. Kimmie likes her dresses tight and short.




I love my "Kimmie loves Ronnie" tattoo. My friend Adam paid for it, my friend Bill drew it and my friend EdE tattooed it on me.

Oh Ronnie.

Kimmie is baking a cake for Ronnie today, because he's never had a red velvet cake before.

Im finally feeling like Im getting back into the swing of things. September is such a transitional month and theres just so much I want to get done. I finally went down to the basement and brought up my winter stuff. I am loving the weather, finally time to wear hoodies. I have been hanging out at The Brendan Behan a lot lately and making such the loveliest of friends. The Ronnie Dial Golf Tournament was this past Monday, and that was wild. With fall in the air, I cant wait for more good things to come. Xoxo everyone.


Outfit Detail:
Dress: Early 90's vintage, bought at Revolve Clothing Exchange in Tampa, FL.
Shoes: I found them at Goodwill in Tampa.


Liz said...

i love this idea! awesome! being creative with clothing is so much fun and your posts are always a delight to read! cheers!

LovelyLeigh said...

Liz! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog and for leaving me such a lovely comment! It makes me really happy to see people are checking this out haha. I hope I have inspired you in some way!