Thursday, May 10, 2012

More than 4 sentences.

99% of the time I never know what to write about on my blog. I am more of a visual person, even when I check out other people's blogs... I kind of just skim over everything and look at all the pictures. I had the sudden urge to write a little bit and what better way to stop complaining and just blog. Ive got my "space jams" playing in the background and a mind full of things to share.

For a long time now I have always said I am adjusting to something new that's going on in my life. Weather it was a new apartment, or say a new job, I feel like I've used it as an excuse for just not blogging on a more regular basis. I have to say I'm pretty adjusted to how things are at the moment. My job is fantastic. I haven't worked somewhere in a long time where I really wanted to dive in and have it be all consuming, but I feel that way about working at Buffalo Exchange and I want to continue down the rabbit hole. I got to do this awesome vintage blog post for The Buffalo Exchange blog (<---click there) as I had mentioned in my previous post. Chelsea was great, my boss Lisa was very proud of us and let us do that during our shift. I got to do this (blogging) at work, for work. My life has just taken off in this great new direction of fashion, style and inspiring people. I have always posted randomly, and I always make myself feel bad for not blogging more, when there are tons of other bloggers like myself who post when they can. I really do feel like its a "Quality over Quantity" thing. Id rather post a few really great blog posts then rush a ton of them and it just look like I put no effort into it. Now I feel like I'll be blogging full time on top of working full time, but doing both together. There are so many great opportunities to do a style report and blog post for the store and I have so many great ideas, only good things will come of this. I am beyond excited. Tonight I went out with some co-workers of mine and had such a lovely time. When I was sitting there I realized this is what I need to be doing and it felt great. I basically want to consume myself with what I am doing. Even now, it's 1:15 in the morning and I'm up catching up on blogs and street fashion photos and blogging. I totally am clocking in at work at 9:30 this morning; I'm going in early to tag a ton of merchandise and put it out on the floor. It's so worth it thought, because we'll get so much done and ready for the weekend, I wont be stressed about it so much. I work all weekend and I am so ready for whatever happens.

To check out the Vintage blog post, click here ---> A Whole lot of Vintage in Boston
*1940's paper skirt, oh yes... I bought this.


John Ryan said...

awesome dress!

Roni E. said...

I'll read the post and hey, I'm really proud of you and all that you're accomplishing right now. I can feel from this post how excited and proud of yourself you are, too.
Sending a continuance of good vibes your way :D

P.s. That paper skirt = OMGDROOL