Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Just a quick post for tonight. I didnt even wear this outfit to work the other day, I changed right before I left (I tend to do that a lot) but ever since I bought this amazing fox tail from work (Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square) I cant stop wearing it! Every outfit Ive worn has had to have belt loops so I can wear it. The other night, I was walking in front of some guy friends of mine and they were saying all kinds of things. My butt already draws enough attention, now I'm just adding to it.


"You're just askin for it"


Fox tail from Buffalo Exchange in Davis Square. Was priced at $15. (I used my discount)

I wore it again today. I love it! With spring right around the corner, I'm going to have to start thinking of ways I can still wear it with dresses and skirts. At this point, I'm convinced it will go with any and everything. Oh, I went full time at Buffalo Exchange this week officially! Well, I kind of did last week, but this is my real first full well. I LOVE IT! There will always be ups and downs to a place you work at, but I have no complaints. My job is fun, it keeps me out of trouble and I dont spend as much money at The Behan because I get home and Im completely exhausted.

Also, I studded those shorts all on my own. I didnt have anyone help me. Alright! I have a 4:15am wake up call, stay lovely! Xoxo.

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Roni E. said...

Love the fox tail!!! Super...foxy. ;)
AND WOW! You totally give away where you work in this post and what are the freaking odds that I didn't see it and still ended up at your work?!! It was indeed blogger fate. :)