Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Brendan Behan.

The Bredan Behan. Its a local pub in Jamaica Plain that I go to on a daily bases. It is one of my favorite places and one of the reasons why I moved to Boston and live in Jamaica Plain. I have met all my good friends there and have really become apart of the place. Seeing as how I spend so much time there, it was finally time to blog about it. I asked my friend Adam if I could take a few pictures the other morning and he of course said it was ok. I picked out 2 skirts to bring with me and grabbed my tri-pod. The Behan is a 5 minute walk from my house.... awesome.

I photographed the first skirt, which I had blogged about a long time ago already. I set up my tri-pod, got my remote and took a few. Well after I had done all that, I took a beer break and my friends Cassi and Miles came in! Cassi was so sweet she offered to take my photo for the next "session". These came out great!



Lovely in motion.


Miles was in the back saying I should act like a scared animal haha.


All in all everyone had a laugh. Cassi thank you again so much for taking these for me, they came out great. I rarely have someone take MY photo so its always so lovely when someone offers to. After my "photo session" I had a few more beers and then I had to dash to the Swap that was Thursday night. If youre ever in town you should go to The Behan, its a great place. Ill probably be there drinking PBR out of my flamingo cup.
(Photo taken by Adam Wilkinson)


Anonymous said... are gorgeous! Seriously, so stunning :D Love your blog.

xo, Samantha

Kristina said...

Oh, I absolutely love your skirt!

LovelyLeigh said...

Samantha! How sweet of you! Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment. Im so glad you found it and like it. I work hard on it. I checked out your blog and really loved it as well. Your hair btw is awesome.
Kristina! That skirt is a classic favorite of mine. It has a rose print all over it, and I love roses. I believe its from the late 50's.

Thanks ladies!

Michele said...

you have a lovely blog! I really like your retro style. Awesome!!follow each other? <3 Michele newleafforfashion.blogspot