Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking Lovely!

So! This week Ive made it a point to wear cute shit to work everyday and Ive done a pretty good job. Tuesday I wore this lovely satin rose print skirt w/ pockets! A sweet waist cincher and a basic v neck black shirt!

Wednesday! I decided to wear my bright blue mexican embrodery dress that I cut shorter, which my waist cincher yet again lol AND! my amazing red cowboy boots I got from sunshine for $10! Way cute!

Today I just kinda wore short and a cute leopard halter bc my hair was amazing! And I was leaving early to go to the tattoo expo in orlando so I wanted to look fresh when I got there to see tyler! Im getting my tomahawk! SO be on the look out for some native amazingness coming this way!
~ * .: LovelyLeigh :. * ~

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