Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to the basics

So aside from all the awesome shit I wear, the cool threads I find out thrifting or from work, I love basics. I like the simplisity of a plain tshirt and jeans. I have a ton of basic shirts I love them so much, it give me a reason to wear accessories, maybe a vest, or a cool necklace. Sometimes with my tattoos I feel like I already have enough accessories perminatly there, so throwing a necklace on would be to much.
Anyways, heres some basics. I like to get mine from Forever21, bc they're comfy, cheap and easy!

And while snooping around, I came across an amazing pair of shoes, ON SALE! So I bought the amazing studed platforms, but for only 10.99

~ * .: LovelyLeigh :. * ~

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Sugar Rush said...

I hear ya...I like to get my basics at F21 too...I'm kinda obsessed with their v-neck shirts...I don't get why everyone is so obsessed with American Apparel's! I'm so glad you got the studded shoes! My first pair's heel started coming unglued (seriously) so I bought a 2nd pair haha. I love them even though they're sooooo cheapo!