Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tattoo Wednesday. BAD VILLE

With last week being my birthday I missed out on Tattoo Wednesday, but to make up for it this week, I have a really good one to share with you.
Today's tattoo is my Bad Ville tattoo I got a few weeks ago. There were 19 people that have that tattoo at the time, I believe number 19 was just getting hers as Adam was talking me to about getting one. I would be number 20. So Adam gets a hold of me and I just walked down to the tattoo shop and had Johannes bang out Bad Ville number 20.


While I was at the shop, there was a photographer from Stuff taking pictures. He wandered into the bar and some how there were about 10 of us at The Behan that had a Bad Ville tattoo. We all hoped over to the tattoo shop and had a group photo taken. The issue of Stuff Magazine finally came out last week and our photo is awesome!


If you havent picked up a copy yet, get on it! Its a really cool issue in general. Photos taken all through out Boston. There are now 21 Bad Ville tattoos.

**Note. I found out tonight, September 1st, that there are 27 people with the Bad Ville tattoo now**


Alison said...

Okay, so I tried to google it so I don't wind up sounding foolish--but, nothing came up. So here I go. What exactly is Bad Ville? Have I not been paying attention? :(

Alison said... it a secret? lol

LovelyLeigh said...

Alison! Haha, before you left that comment saying you couldnt google Bad Ville, you couldnt, until I did this blog post hahaha. Its no secret, its just Bad Ville. About 26 of us have the tattoo now. My friends started it, its people who are all close to the community, theres a house on Centre St it was based off of I believe.


Alison said...

Oh! That's cute :) I like it!